Friday, June 29, 2018

Some interesting cluster comments on the KH1/KH7Z DXpedition

Posted by EU1LID - counting birds for the Fish and Wildlife Service
Posted by M0THER - Play nice kids
Posted by CR1TIC - Reading FT8 Manual Now
Posted by I0SWL - Disgusting
POsted by P5KIM - Wake up Pindos

Obviously these are bogus call signs but still signs of the frustrations of many in the amateur radio community - like calling JA's in the middle of a big opening on 80m to NA.  There is the general frustration among many that this is not a very productive DXpedition, with many stations off line.   One of the endeavors of this expedition is the extensive use of FT8 despite good propagation for CW and RTTY.  These are just observations and I am still thankful that this entity is being activated in 2018.   Despite their best efforts, they are open to criticism, and that is just human nature.

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