Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#242 All Time New One (ATNO) DXCC Tristan de Cunha ZD9XF Confirmed

Of late I have been able to work a few all time new ones (ATNOs) Norfolk Island VK9NT and Tristan de Cunha ZD9XF.  With VK9NT and TY1AA (Benin) confirming me in Clublog - it almost ensures confirmations for #238 and #239.  Below is an image of Nigel G3TXF operating as ZD9XF.  Thanks Nigel for the ATNO

#236 A25CE Botswana - Card
#237 ZL7AAA Chatham Islands - Card
#238 NH0J Marianas Islands - LOTW
#239 S01WS Western Sahara - Card
#240 8Q7TS Maldives - Card
#241 4W/NY1C Timor-Leste LOTW

Up and coming..... confirmations
TY1AA Benin
VK9NT Norfolk Island


Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Main Shack Control

The Station Pro2 makes easy work of not just RF switching but the sharing of amplifiers, keys, speakers and microphones. This is the box with the green lights in the middle of the image.

New Horse in the NY4G Stable

Well, here it is at last, the last one to fill out the Station Pro slot.  The station pro makes it a breeze to switch between rigs.

How to Tune a Drake TR4C

Nice YouTube of How to Tune Up a Drake TR4C

Very Productive Evening for DX

I was surprised to see (or maybe not so surprised) that the combination of the KX3 and the KXPA100 was used in the Norfolk Island Dxpedition.

Propagation must be good - I worked VK9NT 8378 miles short path on a dipole at 500 watts on 12m.  He was really faint,

I also worked Benin (Africa) - a mere 5600 miles - on 3 bands - 17m, 20m and 15m all on the hex.

I also worked Tristan de Cunha - all on the same evening on 30m.  This has been one of the most productive DXing in quite some time - 5 band points.  Thanks to Sunspot AR1528 for the ionizing radiation.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

QSL Card Box Built for N0TR

Latest foray combining two of my favorite hobbies - woodworking and amateur radio

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NY4G and N4iQ on the Blue Ridge Parkway with a Hexbeam

This was a great PR tool for amateur radio to the general public.  We spent more time talking to hikers, bikers and drivers stopping to see what we were doing. We were mostly on 12 meters trying to chase North Dakota stations.  The WARC bands should be renamed "WORK" bands.  It is a lot of work to fill out empty slots in WAS in these bands.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Homebrew Hexbeam at the Shelby Hamfest

I sold a couple of my Hexagonal beam instruction manuals, a Timewave DSP and a Hexbeam Spreader Kit.  For those that want to purchase my Hexagonal beam instruction manual in PDF form, send me an email (to and I will provide payment details.  Those that want a hardbound version will be $25 which includes shipping to CONUS   For an electronic PDF version send me $15 through Paypal   Those that do purchase will be entitled to any updates that I will make to it in electronic form as a PDF file.  The Hexagonal beam was flawless as I worked the Colorado QSO Party with good reports.  SWR at 14.000 MHz was 1.6, 14.200 was at 1.1 and 14.400 MHz was 1.3.  I probably could have lowered the SWR another tenth if I had raised the antenna another 4 feet.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Homebrew Hexbeam Center Post with Coax Inside PVC Tube

With a little patience this can be done and the photos are here to prove it.  This is for my second hex beam.  The first photo has most of the daisy chained coax inside.  This the connection for 17m.

The second photo shows the long tube ready to be cemented.

The third photo shows the finished 20 meter connection as well as the PL259 to install the feed line.

Here is the assembled centerpost.  The only thing missing is the cap with the eyebolt.  A little silicone caulk to make sure all joints are sealed and this assembly is watertight.

Monday, August 18, 2014

New Confirmations for DXCC All Time New List

#236 A25CE Botswana - Card
#237 ZL7AAA Chatham Islands - Card
#238 NH0J Marianas Islands - LOTW
#239 S01WS Western Sahara - Card
#240 8Q7TS Maldives - Card
#241 4W/NY1C Timor-Leste LOTW

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Postman was Good Today

Nice to get 4 pieces of good mail this morning.  After close to a year, I finally got my WPX Certificate shown below:

Also confirmations arrived for Botswana A25CE and Chatham Islands bring my DXCC confirmations to 237.  This also earns me another sticker for CW for 225.  Also in the image below is the confirmation for Sierra Leone 9L1A on 80m.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Confirmation #235 St Helena ZD7VC finally arrived

This was a contact made in October of 2013 when I made my first QSO combining the Hexbeam and the Drake L4B.  As I recall, WM4AA was at home with me helping me raise the Hexbeam.  We saw St. Helena in the cluster and decided to give him a call on SSB.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

234 DXCC Entities Confirmed in LOTW and 5 Band DXCC Status

American Samoa is the latest to confirm for my all time new list.  I still need to ask for confirmation cards for Ghana 9G5ZZ, Maldives, and Taiwan which can bring the total to 237 of the 245 entities I have worked.  The others just seem to refuse to send confirmations despite my having paid money through the OQRS system or by sending green stamps

Among these are Benin, Indonesia, St Helena, Nepal, 

5 band DXCC is also now in sight with 105 entities worked on 80 meters.  Here is how I stand on confirmations

80 meters - 84 confirmed
40 meters - 132 confirmed
20 meters - 140 confirmed
15 meters - 103 confirmed
10 meters - 99 confirmed

Now it is just a matter of waiting for 16 or so more cards to arrive in the mail 

Heavy Duty Heat Sink installed into my KX3

The heavy duty heat sink allows for full power key down for between 300-400% longer time than the standard heat sink before the rig folds back power because of PA over temperature.  This will allow long ragchews on PSK 31 and reduces the drift seen when operating on JT65.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hex Beam at Work Portable for the IARU HF Championship

The G3TXQ design broadband Hexbeam did yeomans work during the 2014 IARU HF Championship.

Here KK4ZJH is posing with my Hexbeam.  We were on a 150 foot high ridge with steep drop offs on either side of the ridge giving us a higher effective height above ground.  Our elevation was 3500 feet.  We were able to work over 480 stations.  Four of the 6 were not experienced contesters.