Station Pro 2

December 8, 2013

Ordered enclosures and printed circuit boards from

December 10, 2013

Ordered parts kit from Mouser Electronics

December 14, 2013

Almost finished with the front panel. I am waiting for a 1 microfarad electrolytic capacitor that is on backorder before I can finish the front panel.

Here it is in the anticipated position in the operating position.  The LEDs and the jacks need to be wired and soldered to the PCB of the front panel.

December 18, 2013

The completed main circuit board is as shown below:

December 18, 2013

Took a trip to Harleys to pick up some cables to make up the breakout pods.  Yet another snafu has happened.  I am short one IN4005 diode - Mouser shorted me yet again.  I will have to find that diode locally- maybe the Rat Shack.  A couple of views below of the status.

I did finish the StationPro2 in January of 2014.  I later moved it to the new shelf system in April of 2014

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