Sunday, February 3, 2013


DXCC certificates now on the wall

Visit to Belgium

I took my KX3 to Belgium and operated as ON/NY4G and made a few contacts mostly into eastern Europe. I did get a Canadian VE station on CW and and talked with a Ukrainian op on SSB. The visit was filled with mostly work and so there was not much chance to operate. I did get a chance to visit the site of ON4UN, world renowned DX and author of low band DXing. I snapped a few photos and one is included below.

Finally Got QRP DXCC

Well here it is sitting on my shack box. The shack box has a new addition. The KX3 is connected to the Hardrock 50 amplifier which puts out 50 watts or more with about 3 watts drive. I actually had not published any photos of the KX3 till now. It was built as a kit by me in August of 2012.