Saturday, June 4, 2011

K2 is Done!!!!!

Made three contacts so far KS4L - Huntsville AL AQP Contest; W4AN, Columbus GA, AQP Contest; and first ragchew on the K2 with KT4CW Scott in Brewton, AL.

CW Meetup tonight with KJ4YQK and W4DJW in the following frequencies:

3540 on 80 meters is primary
7030 on 40 meters is the alternate

TIME: Around 9 PM after net check-in

Friday, June 3, 2011

K2 is Practically Done

Except for a missing capacitor and an RF Choke which I broke while desoldering, the K2 is ready for the final alignment and test. Everything has worked out so far and knock on wood - I hope it will continue to do so. Accumulated time for the build has been 80 hours for the basic radio. The options I plan to install are as follows:

Noise Blanker
Single Side Band Module
Automatic Antenna Tuner
160 m receive and extra antenna receive jack
Audio filter
Internal 2900 mA-hr battery

All the modules are ready to build. The battery kit has already been finished