Saturday, November 28, 2015

ATNOs #283 and #284 Mount Athos and Guinea Bissau

I had been monitoring the cluster for J52HF.  He only operates in his spare time and sometimes for just a few hours a day.  There were days when I missed him for about 30 minutes after he had gone QRT.  I got lucky on the 28th as he gave 15m a second try and I was sitting by the rig when he started calling CQ.   Only a few callers later and he QSYd to 10m.  He was too faint on 10m to copy.  I heard him for a few minutes but before I got the band tuned on the amplifier - he was gone,

Fighting the pileups on Mount Athos was something fierce.  Monk Apollo is a good CW operator and he made a lot of QSOs. Bernie W3UR gave us a heads up that he would be operating for a couple of days.  I finally made it into the pileup on the last day,  WM4AA and I were texting each.

other the whole time.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rwanda 9X0NH ATNO #282

At 1909 UTC on 20m CW 14.025 MHz  - Great Op

Just confirmed in LOTW 11/23/15

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Willis Island VK9WA In the Log - ATNO #281

Along with others in my immediate circles - VK9WA is in the log.  This is ATNO for me and #281 on my DXCC.   Here is an image taken by a drone.

This DXpedition has been a tough one for me - seems like whenever they are workable from my QTH they are working some other region of the world.

Other news:

DXCC Desk completed my application so I should be getting a sticker for 275 - Mixed Mode and 200 for 20m

Friday, November 13, 2015

Propagation to Willis Island to Maidenhead EM85

Expedition is now sailing for Willis Island from Australia and will be MM for the next 30 hours.  I hope to hear them this weekend sometime.