Saturday, November 28, 2015

ATNOs #283 and #284 Mount Athos and Guinea Bissau

I had been monitoring the cluster for J52HF.  He only operates in his spare time and sometimes for just a few hours a day.  There were days when I missed him for about 30 minutes after he had gone QRT.  I got lucky on the 28th as he gave 15m a second try and I was sitting by the rig when he started calling CQ.   Only a few callers later and he QSYd to 10m.  He was too faint on 10m to copy.  I heard him for a few minutes but before I got the band tuned on the amplifier - he was gone,

Fighting the pileups on Mount Athos was something fierce.  Monk Apollo is a good CW operator and he made a lot of QSOs. Bernie W3UR gave us a heads up that he would be operating for a couple of days.  I finally made it into the pileup on the last day,  WM4AA and I were texting each.

other the whole time.

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