QRP Challenge Rules

Starting January 1st 2016, we will be embarking on a Challenge to work (not confirm) 100 DXCC entities in 100 days or less.  The start time can be anytime during the calendar year, however, the last day of your log must fall within the calendar year.  The elapsed time will be measured from the time you start to the time you end.


(1) Power is to be no more than 5 watts in whatever mode you choose.  Most modern rigs will allow the power to be turned down to QRP levels

(2) Modes:  Any mode, JT65, CW, PSK31, RTTY or SSB. 

(3) Bands - Any of the amateur bands - including 160m and 6m are at play.  Propagation is direct skywave with no use of repeaters.

(4) All amateur antennas, homebrewed or commercial are allowed.  No restrictions.

(5) Time limit:  There is no time limit.  However, the elapsed time based on your log will be posted on your certificate.  The goal is still to do it in 100 days or less

(6) Logs:  Use of the ARRL QRP/DXCC record sheet is encouraged, although an ADIF file will suffice..  spreadsheet that contains the same information - date, time, mode, etc.  The first log entry will have a date as early as 1/1/2016 but not earlier.  Please submit your logs to me either electronically or by snail mail upon completion of 100 DXCC entities.

(7) Spotting assistance, use of the cluster is also allowed.   Being QRP, this is not to your advantage, since by the time they are spotted, and even if it is semi-rare, you will have difficulty breaking the pileup.  DO NOT TURN UP THE POWER KNOB.  Use of dedicated QRP rigs with power limited to QRP levels is encouraged. 

(8) Awards:  A framed and matted certificate - 11x14 see example below will be given to each participant who reaches the 100 DXCC entity goal.  If you wish to get the ARRL QRP DXCC Award, in addition send me a check for $16 payable to the ARRL to cover the ARRL processing fee, along with the ARRL DXCC QRP Application form - signed and dated.  You will get your ARRL Certificate in the mail.  Subsequently you will be added to the list of QRP/DXCC holders which is updated yearly in December

- http://www.arrl.org/files/file/DXCC/QRP_DXCC_AwardHolders.pdf

(9) Eligibility:  You don't have to be a member of SCDXA, NCDXCC or Greer Amateur Radio Club to join.  Any reader of this blog who has a radio amateur license is free to join.  Certificates for any DX entries, or any radio amateur outside of SCDXA, NCDXCC or GARC will be mailed electronically as a PDF file.

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