Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Ones on 80m and 160m

Canary Islands EA8/RW4RW was calling CQ on 1819 kC with a lot of callers working it simplex.  Finally got throughat 2337 UTC.   ZC4A is on 1820 but too weak to copy

ZC4A was really strong on 80m though and I was able to get him at 0202 UTC 26Jan2018.  A couple of days later - finally got him on 160m.  I also connected on 40m and 17m.  All 4 QSOsare now confirmed in LOTW.

Monday, January 8, 2018

6O6O - Somalia - ATNO #307

Tried working on 7023 on 2124 UTC on 8Jan2018 - weak copy - no luck
Finally got him on 7023 on 0355 UTC on 09Jan2018 - workable - not to strong on my dipole.
The Log is updated almost real time and I was able to get instant confirmation in Clublog