Monday, December 23, 2019

Getting Ready for a Year of DX in 2020

I had taken a hiatus from DX chasing for about a year.   Hearing 4U1UN brought the juices flowing and a hankering for making DX contacts.  ND7J, trying to revive the SCDXA group, issued a challenge for a race toward DXCC.   First he had to figure out a classification formula.  With input from me, he came up with 5 watts and 100 watts.   The 5W class will have no antenna restrictions.  The 100W class will be limited to simple wire antennas - no arrays or wire beams or Yagis of any kind.  That should level the playing field somewhat.   I seem to be the only one to have entered the QRP category.

Entrants so far

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Worked a new ATNO #314 - 4U1UN - Remotely from a Hospital - 5 Watts QRP

My  Dad had a stroke and so I was doing duty in the hospital (Saint Francis Downtown) and 4U1UN had been on the air.   I have the ability to remotely control my home station via my phone.  I was first alerted that 4U1UN was on the air on 40m CW by HamAlert and my phone by Morse indicated it was an RBN spot.  I quickly dialed into my home station via the browser on my phone.  I listened to 4U1UN work European stations for about an hour or so.  He was calling CQ with the EU at the end of the CQ string.   My finger was ready to pounce on the call button the whole time waiting for the CQ string to stop sending EU at the end.  I had the split frequency all ready to go on the TX.  I was going to transmit exactly 1 kiloHertz up from his TX frequency.AT 2358 UTC on December 8, 2019, he stopped sending the EU string at the end of the CQ.  He was still loud - a solid 599.  Then I pounced - NY4G.  He replied back NY4G 599.  I replied TU 599.  It took about 3 calls and I was in the log.  I later confirmed it through his online log several days later.  It was later confirmed in LOTW for #313.  (Actually #314 but Revillagigedo never confirmed via Card or LOTW despite being confirmed in his online log)