Friday, February 23, 2018

Back to Making QSO's While Mobile

One thing about CW is that it is a perishable skill.   If you don't use it enough, you get rusty in decoding code in your head.  So I put the TS480 back in the truck.  This morning I had a QSO with K1PUG - Hank from CT, N2KOF, also from CT and K4LNN in Florida.  I also listened to several ongoing QSO's.  It makes for a short ride to work when you are ragchewing at 15-20 words per minute.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

ATNO #308 Z60A

Z60A was booming in South Carolina this Valentines Day - connected at 22:35 on 14Feb2018 on 80m CW 0n 3527 kC.

CT8/RW7K Azores was a new one on 160m.  Made contact on 1828.5 Kc on 22:57

RA0FF Asiatic Russia - New One on 160m 1145 UTC 1823.5 on 15Feb2018

CN2DF Morocco at 00:02 15Feb2018 on 3504 kC.