Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Way QSO

We had a three way QSO last night between Simpsonville (Matt) KQ4VY and Ohio (Don) W8UMH. Don was operating a TS2000 with a dedicated 80m dipole and Matt was operating a TS940 with a 40m loop antenna. I had both the TS830 boat anchor hybrid and the just received Yaesu FT897D on the air on the G5RV antenna. The TS830 had more punch. I tuned it at 120W on CW. The FT897 did not peak the power meter as strongly as the Kenwood. On the receiving end, Don commented that the Kenwood did have more punch. Another kudo for the 30 year old radio. Thanks to Matt by the way for the Cycle 24 website link

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