Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recent Contacts

1/11/2011 update

Well the logbook is starting to fill out - 41 DX entities now,
28/50 states worked QRP (just sent a massive mailing of QSL cards)
50/50 states worked - waiting QSL from SD

S59A - Drago from Slovenia - only interested in low band DX - got him on 80m CW. Does not QSL unless specifically requested - think will send him one. He has an interesting QTH on a hilltop near the Austrian border. This one send either witha bug or a straight key as he really accentuates the dash in "A".

V5/DH2HD - German Michael Borsch sending from Namibia - broke into a phone pileup on 40m. he was booming in with his beam. Got so excited that he came back to me that I forgot to give him my state - just thanked him for the 59. Tried to chase him as he said he would change modes to RTTY - but could not break thru - not very experienced in RTTY and just did not have the macros to be effective. My PSK macros just would not cut it.

SV1ENG - Antonis from Greece - second contact with this station - both on 40m.

LZ2VU - Peter from Bulgaria and second Bulgarian contact, but Peter is the first on 40m.

YV5DRN - Venezuela and his name is Leandro - first CW contact with this DX 40m, the other 2 were 20m CW and 20m PSK

Worked a couple of K3Y/N special event stations for SKCC - and I got region 1 and region 7 stations - one in MA and the other in WA. There are 8 other stations for all 10 calling regions - if I can find all ten - I get an award from the SKCC.

From a couple of days ago 1/8/2011......

Z35T - Macedonia - his name is Ozren - 40m CW

IS0HQJ - Sardinia - Francesco is his name - 40m CW

EI9JF - Nicky from Ireland - 40m CW

OM1XQ - Patrik from Slovakia - 40m CW

VP9HW - Stephen from Bermuda - 40m CW

Last but not least - KB0KBJ - Steve Olson in South Dakota. This proved difficult but Steve and I were able to connect. First we tried phone - on both the 40 and 20 meter bands - no copy. We tried CW on 40 meters and after much effort we were able to hear very faint signals of each other - call signs and exchanged signal reports. SD is the last state for WAS for me.

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