Friday, October 12, 2012

DXCC QRP #72 TO #75

Well on 10/12/2012 D3AA was calling loudly on 20m - so I worked him first at 100W.  He was so loud that I thought I could work him again at 5W.  Sure enough, he answered the call while working Simplex.  He did not have such a big pileup this time.

On the same night and on 40m, Costa Rican station TI2KWN working a straight key was calling loudly on 40m.  He was a bit deaf and so it took a few tries to get him at low power.

I had a good path to Eastern Europe on 30m.  E71A Bosnia-Herzegovina was also loud and I was able to work him on low power.

The next station was just a few clicks away and was calling loudly on 30m PZ1DV.

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