Monday, January 19, 2015

Propagation Into EP6T - Kish Island - Iran DXpedition

It looks not very good for chasing this DXCC entity.  Peak propagation is on 15m at 14 UTC or 9 AM when I am at work.  30m seems OK though from about 20 UTC to the early hours of the morning (7 PM to midnight local EST).  So far only KU4XO, K4SV, W4KA and N3CZ have made it into their logs of the people I know.  I still have to mount a concerted effort.  KU4XO tells me - he spent the whole weekend chasing these guys down - lots of coffee and mountain dew and not much sleep - running a kW and a half on a Carolina Windom.  He said he left nothing to chance and ran legal limit. He got in on 17m phone. The image below is from VOACAP On-line.

Compare the above plot for the SC W4 to EP plot to the DL(Germany) to EP path below.  There is much stronger signal going into Europe than into the US.

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