Sunday, February 15, 2015

St Pierre and Miquelon Amateur Radio DXpedition

I am now on the fence on whether  to continue on to Miquelon Island from Halifax after July 14 for a 4 day radio DXpedition as FP/NY4G after the stay at Prince Edward Island as NY4G/VY2 during the week between July 8 and July 14.


Radios:  Elecraft KX3 with KXPA100
Antenna: SteppIR CrankIR
Modes:  80 - 10m CW and RTTY only

Other Equipment: 
Powerhouse 500Wi 450 watt generator, Tent

The following logistics remain.

(1) this blog will be my primary communication tool for the plans
(2) QSL card design
(3) Air Fare from Halifax, Nova Scotia
(4) Hotel accomodations in St. Pierre


  1. I have a great idea. Activity on 160 would be super! de Paul, W4FC

  2. Erecting a good 160m antenna in FP is problematic. However, PEI has a very good 160m antenna farm. We will defintely operate 160m there.