Wednesday, March 11, 2015

St. Pierre and Miquelon DXpedition Update

March 16:  I was able to get more support.  Supporters  now include the following:

Don C Johnson
Matt Collier WM4AA
Tom Rouse N0TR
Dave Watson W4DJW
Scott Zemitis
Matt Holley KU4XO

March 9:   I made a presentation at the Greer Amateur Radio Club and made an appeal for support.  Thanks to Tom Rouse's and Bernice's generosity, I am a little bit closer to my goal.  Dave Anderson was looking to loan me a backup rig.

Anyone wishing to contribute may do so in the following link:

Support and Funding Website

The SteppIR antenna came in via UPS.

I was able to order the pelican case for the main rig.

This coming weekend I will be conducting tests on my equipment especially the 450 watt generator - to make sure it runs.

Informational Presentation at the following link:

For additional Info

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