Tuesday, December 22, 2015

100 DXCC in 100 Days QRP Challenge

It can be done.  Dave Anderson proved it by working 100 countries inside of 2 months with 1/10 the power.    Here is the note from Dave Anderson from 2014:

"Hi Everyone,

As you know a challenge has been thrown before you work 100 DXCC countries using any mode or band.  There is no time limit since this is a personal challenge between yourself and the elements.

I completed my personal challenge today.  I learned how to crafty, cunning and cleaver in the way I had to work the DX stations.  With only 500 millawatts you can not waste them.  I think the tactics that I learned to get the other guy to hear my signal will help when I use higher power levels.

The log has more than 100 DXCCs in it because I made some duplicate country contacts and I had to run 12 watts for two stations 9M6 and BD to work them.  There is at least 100 good 500 millawatt QSOs.

I trust all of you are doing well.

Best 73
Dave Anderson, K4SV
Tryon, NC"

In fairness, however, Dave was running a very powerful SteppIR at 90 feet.  I am guessing a DB36 which has a gain of 7 dBi on 40m to 10dBi on 20m which I also assume is from free space.  Ground reflectance will probably boost this another few dBi.  A dipole is about 2 dBi in free space.  His 1/2 watt is still close to 2 watts in free space and perhaps closer to 4 watts with ground reflection.  His accomplishment is still impressive all things considered since we would still be running higher ERP effective radiated power with our dipoles and beams with 5 watts.  With ground reflection on a hexbeam - 5 watts is closer to 40 watts ERP.   Our dipoles will be running close to 20 watts ERP.

So as the old saying goes, the best way to improve your station is antennas, antennas, antennas, high and in the clear.

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