Thursday, April 14, 2016

The inspiration behind the 100 Day QRP DX Challenge

I have to admit that the inspiration for this challenge came from Chapter 16 of Don Keith's book "Riding the "Shortwaves".  It is about the fictional challenge between veteran DXer Clark W4OOU and Grace Wade KB4JJO - a newly licensed no code General Class amateur.  Grace wagered that she could work 100 countries in 100 days.  Now Clark was a crusty and opinionated DXer with over 300 countries confirmed and he was also convinced that with the poor propagation, and Grace's inexperience that she could not possibly do this.    Grace was a working mom with 2 children.   All that Grace had to work with was 100 watts, some wires and a wire beam.  Clark often belittled newcomers to the scene.  Grace did manage to work 99 DXCC with one day left.  She was desperate and realized she had not logged a US contact.  She logged W4OOU on 2 meter simplex for her final contact.  This was both an entertaining and memorable chapter.  From this chapter was born the DXCC QRP Challenge of 100 DXCC in 100 days.  Grace proved it was possible with 100 watts in a fictional account.  8 people have now proven it is possible with QRP power levels

N4MM 8 days - multiple yagis - CW and SSB
K4SV 23 days - 4 element yagi - all modes
N3CZ 33 days - 3 element yagi and GP - all modes
W2HTI 35 days - 3 element yagi and GP - CW
W4NL 44 days - 3 element yagi - all modes
NY4G 51 days - wire beam and wires - CW
W4KA 69 days - wires - CW and SSB - 
PE4BAS 79 days - 84m horizontal loop and home made HB9CV - all modes 

It is notable as well that the feat can be accomplished using a multi-band horizontal loop just 7m above the ground proven by Bas Levering PE4BAS.

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  1. Hi Ariel, never read the book. But it has similarities. Having those 99 confirmed and then looking for that last DXCC. The only thing that is not right in this blogpost is the antenna I used! I have a multiband vertical but since the autotuner at the feedpoint is only working with 8-10W minimum I didn't use it much (I have to trigger it with the icom first). So I used my winterantenna which is a 84m horizontal loop at 7m above groundlevel. For 10m only I used a homemade HB9CV 2 element beam at about 6m height. 73, Bas