Thursday, May 12, 2016

Clipperton L is now online for the run up to 300 DXCC

With the help of KF4BY,  the Clipperton L has now been added to the arsenal of linear amplifiers.  I realize I can only run one rig and one amplifier at a time.  The whole point is about redundancy and backup, and backup to the backup.

I tested it for function on 160m which is what I needed it for.  The L4B only does 80m and KPA500 is limited to 500W and 160m is where I need the extra muscle.

Into a dummy load 1.825 MHz

10w in - 100w out
15w in - 180w out
20w in - 240w out
30w in - 400w out
40w in - 500w out
50w in -  600w out
60w in - 700w out
70w in - 800w out
80w in - 900w out
90w in - 950w out
100w in - 1000w out

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