Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Quest for #300 Continues - Libya 5A1AL in the Log for #293

Spratly 9M0Z recently confirmed in LOTW for #292

Then came Libyan station 5A1AL operated by Abubaker Assid. I saw him spotted on 6/10/16 at around 0230 UTC working a bunch of North American but was very weak.  I don't know how much power the others were running - but speed necessitated my use of the instant on amp and it was maxed out at 500W.  Abubaker gave me a 559 signal report and I am now awaiting his QSL for #293

JA0JHQ Nobu will be in Nepl as 9N7NH from June 16 to June 20 taking a TS480HX running 100 watts tosmall vertical on the low bands  and a delta loop or yagi for the high bands and plans to be on 40m, 30m, 20, 17, 15, and 6m

XX9TGM from Macau will be June 20-27 by PG5M.  He says it is difficult 
to find a good QTH.  Some previous expeditions have had trouble, with 
locations surrounded by mountains except toward the south, and heavy 
local QRM.  To hopefully avoid those issues, XX9TGM will be from the 
more expensive Grand Coloane Resort, which is likely a better radio 
QTH.  Antenna installation options won't be known until arrival, but 
it will probably be a vertical wire with 1:4:9 balun.  The radio will 
be a K3, 40-10 meters, and the plan is to operate the WARC-79 bands, 
CW only, though he may also try 80 meters.  QSL to his home QTH direct 
or through the OQRS system.  There will be online log search on the 
Club Log site:

The following expeditions are still scheduled for 2016 so with any luck 300 DXCC is still doable.

CY9C Saint Paul - August 2016
VP6AH Pitcairn - September 2016
H44GC Solomon Islands  - September 2016
4U1UN United Nations HQ - October 2016
XU7MDC Cambodia - November 2016

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