Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SC Wins Top State in 13 Colonies - By The Skin of Our a Teeth

Breakdown by SC Op

Paul NN4F 3985 (Team Leader)
Frank KG4IGC 2610
Bill N4IQ 2082
Brian KI4LXH 1610
Ariel NY4G 1505
Doug K4DMR 1285
Tom W1TEF 415
Loyd W4LVH 315
Total 18311

Great team effort by the K2L team despite setbacks: Paul losing power, Paul losing computer and logged on paper, Doug operating only 2 days because of work schedule, bad PL259 when I tried to work portable from my mom's house.   Brian, Frank and I pushed on to the last hour on midnight the 6th of July.  Bill did a great job on CW operating SO2R. Doug made close to 1300 Qs in just a few hours of operating.  Band conditions were not ideal.  Paul had a great first few days doing a 300 per hour rate for 2 straight hours for 600 Qs. Tom and Loyd contributed what they can.  All of our individual scores mattered this time.  Every ops contribution was valuable.  

By States:                                              AWARDS

1.)K2L/SC-13811 (-1840)                  TOP STATE: K2L/SC-13,811
2.)K2J/NC-13645 (+1643)                  TOP QRP: W4QO/K2G/GA-379
3.)K2M/PA-12418 (+2737)                 TOP CLUB: N1FD/K2K/NH-9719
4.)K2G/GA-11375 (+2215)                 TOP CW: AA3B/K2M/PA-5934
5.)K2D/CT-11028 (+1340)                 TOP HF LOW PWR: N3ZV/K2B/VA-6990
6.)K2E/DE-10,889 (+2616)                TOP HF HIGH POWER: N4PN/K2G/GA-4837
7.)K2A/NY-10,677 (+3221)
8.)K2F/MD-9957 (+7)
9.)K2K/NH-9719 (-573)
10)K2H/MA-9499 (+1619)
11)K2I/NJ-9433 (+840)
12)K2B/VA-9146 (-368)
13)K2C/RI-8173 (+19)

****GRAND TOTAL-139,772. (+13,476)****(2015 was 126,296)

GB13COL-3109 (-1035)
WM3PEN-6471 (+930)

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  1. An Amazing Team we have, every Q counts as proven this year, great job Ariel...