Saturday, January 28, 2017

CQ WW 160m Contest

Well the first evening was a bust as I spent most of the evening in the ER as a family member got taken there.  No it was not me this time.  I did manage to work K7CA in Nevada but I did not log it as I got the phone call to go to the ER.  I may have to search for NV again tonight

The states that I need to complete WAS are NV, WA, NE, MT, AK - just five more.  AK is sure to get a pileup

I did get K7CA a second time for a good QSO, but he was not in Nevada but in UT working a contest station he built.

Update: Just worked WA K7OX, N7QT, W7LD
              Also worked MT K7BG, and NV KM6JD

I also got into Luxembourg LX7I
I also worked England G3LET

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