Saturday, February 18, 2017

ARRL International DX Contest CW 2017

Day 2 Highlights

Fantastic conditions with low band noise allowed me to listen on the TX antenna.  This also allowed me to work 6 new stations.   Worked entities now stand at 92.  New ones include V43Z - Saint Kitts and Nevis, VP5K Turks and Caicos, CO8ZZ Cuba, RW2F Kaliningrad, D4C Cape Verde Islands, A45XR, Oman, and fill ins for previous stations that will not QSL Bonaire PJ4X and Slovenia S51V.  Had I been up and out of bed an hour earlier I would have caught Chile and Uruguay at their sunrise.  Oman A45XR, VP5K Turks and Caicos and Kuwait 9K2NO confirmed in LOTW.

Day 1 Highlights

I had planned only to work 160m but installed the 80m antenna with the FCP regardless.   It turned out that was a good thing.  I had never worked AK very well on 80m CW.  KL7RA (Rich now SK but call sign still lives as a club station) was active in the low bands and I was able to work him on both 80m and 160m.  Regarding the antenna installation, I had purchased 80 feet of 12 gage stranded THHN thinking I would need to prune a few feet.  It turned perfect without trimming.  How lucky can one get?  Resonance point was at 3530 and below 2 in SWR from 3500 to 3600 - so it had a 100 kHz bandwidth below 2 in SWR.  I also worked ZL3X - a contest station in New Zealand on 80m - a new band slot.

I did not work any ATNOs on 160m but I was able to work stations previously worked  that will not QSL - namely Slovenia and PJ4.  So they effectively became ATNO's.  I am still looking for a Cuban statioon on 160m - any mode.  I also worked Romania YO3APJ - which previously could easily have been a busted QSO.   I will work that entity again tonight to make sure I have a solid QSO.

Worked DXCC currently stands at 85.  The pipeline of cards is still full and I have 8 cards in hand with 60 more confirmed in LOTW.

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