Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Low Band Update

Top Band has effectively petered out to nil for ATNOs on the band.  I did manage to work TG9ADQ Guatemala on 160m-JT65 and immediately was confirmed in LOTW.  But 80m is still going - not gang busters as in February but a steady drip.  As far as highlights go on 80m:

The following DXpeditions were worked
E31A - Eritrea worked on 80m CW
HB9MFM - Switzerland worked with JT65 waiting LOTW
D44TWO- Cape Verde Islands - JT65  confirmed  LOTW
J5B- Guinea Bissau - OQRS - confirmed in LOTW
S79S  Seychelles - OQRS
TZ4AM Mali - confirmed in LOTW
GI4DOH Northern Ireland - confirmed in LOTW
5V7P-Togo - confirmed in LOTW
A25UK- Botswana - OQRS - confirmed in LOTW
FS/K9EL -Saint Martin - confirmed in LOTW

Confirmed count on 80m now up to 145.  I just received my 125 sticker in the mail from the ARRL.

Opportunities in the low bands this late spring and summer include:

May05 to May11 Andaman & Nicobar Is is VU4YC
May05 to May11 Jersey as MJ/PA1AW
May05 to May15 Fernando de Noronha is PY0NY (includes 160m)
May15 to May29 Galapagos is HC8/LW9EOC ()includes 160m)
May15 to Jul15 Minami Torishima JD1 - 80-10m
Jun24 to Jul01 Christmas I is VK9AA (ATNO on all bands)
Jul04 to Jul18 St Pierre & Miquelon FP/KV1J (80 and 160m)

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