Friday, June 29, 2018

310 DXCC Overall and 300 DXCC Milestone on CW

Highlights from the above chart:

  • 7.85 years from 0-312 DXCC
  • 6.2 years to the major milestone of 300 DXCC
  • 125 DXCC to 225 DXCC in less than a year - thanks to an amplifier and the peak of solar cycle 24 in 2014
  • 250 DXCC to 300 DXCC took close to 2 years
  • 301 DXCC to 312 DXCC took another 2 years as Cycle 24 comes to a minimum and with fewer ATNO available to be activated
  • It will be a slow slog to Honor Roll - if I even get there

I would have to say that I am quite content to having reached 310 DXCC with my "little pistol" station with wire 2 element beam and two vertical wires and a wire dipole.

It may be  while before I see another sticker. Next stop is 315.

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