Thursday, November 8, 2018

SOTA Chaser 100 Points Earned

Most of these were from a single day - 03Nov2018 when propagation into Europe was great.  Also reached 3 "completes"  with the activation and chase of Mt. Pisgah, Mt. Sassafras, and Mt. Mitchell.  Also made 2 Summit-to-Summit QSOs - to KW4JM on Mt. Mitchell while I was on Mt. Pisgah on 2 meter FM and to KX0R on Green Mountain in Colorado while I was on Waterrock Knob on 30m CW

SOTA Statistics:

Mt. Mitchell W4C/CM-001 Activated 29OCT18 Chased KW4JM 18OCT18
Mt. Sassafras W4C/US-001 Activated 25OCT18 Chased KI4SVM 03Nov18
Mt. Pisgah W4C/CM-011 Activated 18OCT18 Chased KW4JM 31OCT18

Activator Points: 44
Mt. Mitchell W4C/CM-001 10 Points
Mt. Pisgah W4C/CM-011 10 Points
Mt. Sassafras W4C/US-001 4 Points
Richland Balsam W4C/WM-003 10 Points
Waterrock Knob W4C/WM-004 10 Points

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