Wednesday, January 9, 2019

W4C/WM-047 Toxaway Mtn

I activated Toxaway Mtn today (9Jan2019).  I had originally intended to activate two summits today but that did not pan out because of the weather.  I had brought the K1 once again.  The temperature was about 27F at the summit and the wind was blowing at a steady 30 mph+.  I only worked 2 bands because of the adverse weather conditions.  The video below shows how hard the wind had been blowing.


I hunkered down in a low spot to get a wind break.   You can see the antenna farm at the summit.   I used one of the trees to support my mast.

Here I am leaving the summit with the antenna farm in the background

Ran into W1PTS and KS4FX at the summit - they activated in SSB

Nice view of Lake Toxaway fromnear the summit

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