Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Shumont Mtn - Bear Wallow Mtn Doubleheader

This was another late day outing.  KW4JM and I met at the Post Office in Bat Cave and proceeded to park at a nearby Baptist Church.   We took the 4WD to Shumont.   The parking area requires a permit to have access (gate is a combination lock accessible to open by permit holders).   The trail leading to the parking area after the gate is a rough gravel road.  Once at the trailhead, the trail first leads to Eagle Rock to the left - and so we took in the views from Eagle Rock.  We then proceeded to the junction and made the right turn off the Eagle Rock spur to Shumont.   The trail along the ridge is nice and wide.  The summit comes to a small peak with very small area for two activators.   To avoid interference - one should set up a little further down in the AZ.

A 360 degree view movie at the summit of Shumont Mountain

The gate - go through this gate to get into the parking area.

Our first stop was Eagle Rock for photos.  Here is KW4JM

The view from Eagle Rock

That is the view with the Shumont peak in the background

Me - at Eagle Rock

A view of Lake Lure in the distance

Another view of Lake Lure from the summit of Shumont

Operating position at the Shumont Peak

A surprise contact from ZL1BYZ

It is only about a 3 mile drive to the Bearwallow trailhead.  There are a couple of options once you reach the trailhead - hike the trail or hike the fire road.   We chose the latter as it is easier both up and down.   The distance is about the same.  The summit is both large and open with plenty of space for multiple activators.

The gravel road leading up to the summit

Ice and snow along the trail

Antenna farm at the summit

Another contact with a chaser from New Zealand ZL1BYZ

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