Sunday, September 1, 2019

101 Summit Activations Completed

My blog posts to document the march up to the 1000 point goal is woefully out of date.   If you want to see the detailed blow by blow for every activation - you will have to purchase my book due to be out in October 2019. 

I finally got my Mountain Goat designation after my 97th summit activation of Mount Sterling on July 16, 2019.

In the process i was able to establish the following:

Fastest ever to Mountain Goat (1000+ points) in North America.   The previous mark was held by NA6MG which was over a period of 9.8 months.  The mark I set was 8.9 months.

I was also the 6th fastest to MG ever in the SOTA record books

In terms of number of summits to achieve Mountain Goat - I was able to be among the top 5 fewest summits to achieve it and the only person to have 100 summits or less in less than a year.

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