Sunday, April 28, 2019

Week 23 – Part 2 – Mount Pisgah (#48)

Mount Pisgah is only an hour away from where I live.  I decided to activate it while the weather was good.   It was 1 PM on March 19 as I hustled it up Interstate 26 to the Blue Ridge Parkway.   I sent out an alert just before leaving to drive out.  I scampered up the trail - averaging 25min/km which is a pretty good pace.   I was at the summit after 50 minutes and 2 km.   The last kilometer was pretty steep as it climbed 300m.   I quickly set up on the observation deck and no one was there for the longest time while I operated.  I swept through 20m, 30m and 60m skipping 40m as people were making their way to the summit observation deck.  It became obvious that my antenna setup was cramping their ability to view the scenery.  So I quickly broke down my setup and I quickly made my way down the mountain.  I was home well before dusk, still with enough energy to mow the grass.  Point status – 516 points

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