Sunday, November 28, 2010

CW Training Net Nov 27

In Attendance
KJ4RXY - Stephen
W4DJW - Dave
KJ4SVH - Justin
NY4G - Ariel

Dave W4DJW had a treat in that he was able to stream the activity on his Flex radio monitor through

It was a sparsely attended net perhaps due to the holiday. We did not go through any of the extra class questions and may cover it next week.

Found a great club - specially for new CW ops - SKCC which meets on various bands.

Check out

They are mostly straight key operators so they are great for copy practice if nothing else - since they don't send very fast. Made a few QSOs with people in the group on 40 meters at 7.110 and they are very nice mostly older gentlemen.

Till next week


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