Saturday, December 4, 2010

CW Training December 4

It was the usual cast W4DJW (Dave), KJ4RXY (Stephen), N4BDR (Tony) and myself NY4G. i started it out over-ambitiously trying to check every one in using the usual CW net protocol. We ended up scaling it back a bit and took turns transmitting and copying selected letters.

This week it was ABCD.

Next week it will be ABCDEF. For homework try to make as many words out of these 6 letters and we will take turns transmitting over the air like this week.

Dave W4DJW will be the NCS as I will be away. However I will try to check in.

Lets use 7.090 as the frequency on the 40m band. Hopefully we will have good propagation. I doubt I will be able to key up the repeater from Myrtle Beach - so I will try to communicate with the NCS on HF on CW as well.

Dave check your email Saturday morning to see if I will try to check in or not. I trust your email address in QRZ is up to date.

Good luck and see you next time.

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