Thursday, December 29, 2011

NAQCC Milliwatt Sprint

Most fun I ever had with 950 milliwatts or any power level for that matter. I started out on 40m and the weak signals were barely copiable. I did manage a couple of Qs - one to a VE station from BC and then switched over to 80m. There was so much static that I had to put on the attenuator to squelch the noise down. I managed one QSO then I heard another station with the Serial number 2 and I knew it was John K3WWP from PA and managed to work him. Then something happened with the band. All the weak signals were showing up with 4 bars with attenuator on with the K2 and I was being copied from distant stations at less than 1 watt tx power then the QSOs started pouring in. It was a fun last hour with.a straight key no less.
This had been my best sprint yet.

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