Monday, December 19, 2011

Rookie Roundup and Homebrew QRP Sprint

Well I ended up working two contest in 6 hours shortchanging both. I worked the Rookie Roundup for 4 hours and the QRP ARCI Holiday Spirits Homebrew Sprint for two. Well, I don't really know how well I did relative to the competition - worked 10 rookies and 45 non-rookies in the Rookie Roundup for a total of 1755 points (with 27 SPC multiplier). As far as the Homebrew Sprint, I worked 22 stations for a total of 104 QSO points, with a 7X multiplier for QRP and SPC multiplier of 18 plus the Homebrew Bonus points of 5000 pts per band for a total score of 23104 pt total. We will see how well this all stacks up.

Till next time,

73 DE NY4G

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