Sunday, November 24, 2013

CQ WW DX Contest CW Update - 4 New DXCC and 83 Stations Worked

I started the contest with QSO #3611 and ended with QSO #3694.

New DXCC which brings me to 209 worked
Togo 5V7TH
Philippines DX1J
Rotuma Island 3D2R
Tanzania 5H3EE

WM4AA was new one on 15 for 5 Band WAS. Inventory for 5 Band WAS is as follows:

Need 8 states for 80m - Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Washington.  Need 4 stations for 20m Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky and Wyoming.  Need 25 more states on 15m and 36 more states on 10m so I have a fair way to go.  I worked a few states on 10m.

Here is the contest breakdown
80m - 17 QSOs; 40m 13 QSO's, 20m 7 QSOs, 10m 30 QSOs 17m one QSO.  This is a rough breakdown - eyeballing the log.  I noticed a spike in my page views of late - so it looks like this blog is being read by quite a few people.

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