Saturday, November 23, 2013

CQ WW DX Contest and #206 and #207 DXCC - Tanzania and Rotuma Island

I worked the contest for about 4-5 hours and worked 60 stations.  I worked two new ones - Tanzania 5H3EE, and Rotuma Island 3D2R.  I concentrated mainly in acquiring new ones for 80, 10, and 15m bands.   For the most part that goal was accomplished - thanks to the logging software in helping me identify what I need for a particular band.  I had the hex beam up but the rotator is broken yet gain.  I had to rotate the shaft manually from the back patio which gave me some exercise in having to get up and walk outside.  There are some completely new ones out there that I did not even try busting thru the pileups in - for example Lakshadweep Island - who was working SSB. Sunspot numbers are down from the high of 282 to about 148.  But propagation was still good overall.  The 10m band started to fizzle out in mid afternoon.

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