Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boone NC Field Day and IARU Contest

The Field Day style excursion to Boone NC was a great success.  Nothing documents it better than photos.  Main living room below.  We did not spend much time there.

We did spend most of our time in the basement which we turned into a big ham shack.  All in all we had 9 antennas to 7 stations.  Phil Chartier AC4Q in the foreground with Larry KK4QOB and Rod KK4HXA in the background.

Here is a rundown on all our operators

KK4PGC Bob is the head honcho and organizer of the group
N4IQ Bill was the most experienced contester and brought his Windoms
AC4Q Phil is Bill's twin brother and brought his supercharged Mustang and his rigs
KK4QOB Larry brought his 40 foot crank up mast mounted on a trailer 
KK4HXA Rod - Blue Ridge net controller brough his slinky dipoles
KK4ZJH Scott - was the new one to the group and a friend of Larry's

Here is a view from the ridge.  The house is nestled up on about 150 foot ridge in the clear in all directions.

Here is a view from the bottom of the hill looking up to the house

Here is a photo showing my hexbeam mounted on my trailer hitch.  the beam is up around 24 feet.

Here is Bill N4IQ helping Scott KK4ZJH work the IARU HF contest on phone

Here is Bob KK4PGC working the contest on phone 


Here is Scott at his own station

Here is Larry KK4QOB at his station

Here are both Phil AC4Q and Bob KK4PGC at their stations

Here is Bill N4IQ at his station

Here is Rod Taylor KK4HXA.  Sadly, Rod became a silent key the day after he arrived at his home the next day.  He was a nice man and a good ham.  He will be missed.

Here is Larry's crank up mast being erected.

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