Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#242 All Time New One (ATNO) DXCC Tristan de Cunha ZD9XF Confirmed

Of late I have been able to work a few all time new ones (ATNOs) Norfolk Island VK9NT and Tristan de Cunha ZD9XF.  With VK9NT and TY1AA (Benin) confirming me in Clublog - it almost ensures confirmations for #238 and #239.  Below is an image of Nigel G3TXF operating as ZD9XF.  Thanks Nigel for the ATNO

#236 A25CE Botswana - Card
#237 ZL7AAA Chatham Islands - Card
#238 NH0J Marianas Islands - LOTW
#239 S01WS Western Sahara - Card
#240 8Q7TS Maldives - Card
#241 4W/NY1C Timor-Leste LOTW

Up and coming..... confirmations
TY1AA Benin
VK9NT Norfolk Island


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