Sunday, September 14, 2014

Very Productive Evening for DX

I was surprised to see (or maybe not so surprised) that the combination of the KX3 and the KXPA100 was used in the Norfolk Island Dxpedition.

Propagation must be good - I worked VK9NT 8378 miles short path on a dipole at 500 watts on 12m.  He was really faint,

I also worked Benin (Africa) - a mere 5600 miles - on 3 bands - 17m, 20m and 15m all on the hex.

I also worked Tristan de Cunha - all on the same evening on 30m.  This has been one of the most productive DXing in quite some time - 5 band points.  Thanks to Sunspot AR1528 for the ionizing radiation.

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