Sunday, August 9, 2015

All Time New One - ET3AA Ethiopia and Rare Zone 1 Contact with VY0M

New ones are hard to come by these days as the DXCC confirmed count approaches 275.  This will be #271 once confirmed.  The station was working split on 30m when I found him and was rather loud and working a steady tempo of callers up around 1.2 kC from his transmit frequency.

On the same evening VY0M was working split on 20m CW.   VY0 is in a rare zone - Zone 1 - shared with AK.  There are not many hams (if any) in that part of Canada.   He in is the border with Zone 2. I actually thought he was in Zone 2 initially until AB9CN kindly corrected me.  (Thank you Jim). Careful examination of the CQ Zone map indicates this to be so.  This is also an IOTA NA-248 Melville Island.   It is an island in the middle of nowhere.  George Dewar VY2GF alerted me that this was going to take place.