Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Comments from Folks Who Worked FP/NY4G

Heartwarming to say the least ....... Most are from cards.  Some are from emails.   As I get them I will keep adding to the list.

TU Ariel for the new country - Good DX!  Great Job ! FB DXpedition 73 Ron

Thank you for the contact 73 Mike W5SIY

Looks like you have been practicing RufZ.  Great Job! 73 Tucker KK4UNZ

Hi Ariel, many thanks for this 40m QSO with FP 73 Fred DL4DZL

73 Ariel, Tnx New Mode / FP /17m! Ralph K4MIJ

Ariel, Tnx for the QSO from NA-032. God Bless and Vy 73 Bill WA1LJC

73's and Thank You Rick N2ENM

Thank you for my first QSO with St. Pierre and Miquelon 73 Randy KK4BNC

Dr. OM For the QSL Card in advance many thanks.  I have my license since 1973 and my age is 80 years.  For me UR QSL

from Saint Pierre and Miquelon is very important! All the Best EA3YY

You are 1st FP station GL 73 Tnx FB QSO JH1SOD

Ariel:  Great expedition! I enjoyed the QSO, also your video on your blog site.  You are a good radio operator and hope to CUAGN 73 Chuck NI0C

Tnx Ariel for QSO on 40m.  Great signal looking to work you on other bands, Good DX Bill WN8QGV

Thank you so very much for the "fine business" QSO on 20m from St. Pierre and Miquelon Islands.  You are my first contact there.  I am working on my second DXCC-CW endorsement and you have helped.  We previously QSO'd when you were on Prince Edward Island...hi hi.  I am retired orchestra teacher who loves to fish.  God bless, AL KD8DEU

Thanks for new one! Best 73 and Good DX! Matt W1MRH

Many thanks to you for my first QSO to Saint Pierre and Miquelon  - Matti OH1LAR

Thanks for eyeball and French 73 Jean Pierre FP5CJ

Today I received your QSL-card.  Many thanks for all.   All the best to you and your family, with best regards   Gerd   DJ9JD

ARIEL - GOT YOUR CARD TODAY - ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for the  confirmation.  Bill N4IQ

Wow! Great video on your expeditions. I hope to hear more when the Swamp Foxes meet next month. 73, Gil - KS4YX

You did a fine job Ariel. Have been listening out for you yesterday. Saw you spot yourself on 10 and 17m. But nothing heard. Later on 20m saw on the cluster that you did work europe but still nothing here. Hopefully I'm lucky next time someone in St.Pierre&Miquelon does a DXpedition. 73, Bas PE4BAS

Nice to work you on 40 tonight. Vy bad QRN here but copied you fine. Congrats on the 2K plus. Bill N4IQ

Great job Ariel, when I saw on clublog you were at 1800 I figured you might try and break 2000 on your last day.......that's awesome!   I say that's a successful trip for sure.  Matt KU4XO

Thanks Ariel for the 15m QSO today. Your signal is stronger than usual for FP to Maine, so either you are using QRO and excellent antennas or we are lucky with condx! By the way, what is your location on St. Pierre?    Again, thanks  very much for enabling an FP 15m QSO in 2015.   Perhaps I should revisit and operate again from St Pierre again?  Vy 73, John W3NA

Hi Ariel   TNX QSO on 15m cw  2015/07/19   13:15 Z  on 21026  you were  very strong  as 599  Many JAs worked JAs,  Will looking for you on the band.   73  Hiro JA4DND

Hi Ariel,  it was really nice catching you on 7mhz CW. Signal was not stable with poor  propagation but was strong almost S5 in my S meter. I am sure that you enjoy  super FP-land with great community. I was there in 1992 with my wife SP5XAB  for almost three month. We visiting our friend Ron VE1KM who was FP4KM on  that time. Our radio which we taking with us from Europe is still on the  island Saint Pierre in FP5CJ home(Icom IC751A) hihihi Our callsign's was FP/SP5SS and FP/SP5XAB include FP9SPM for a while. I hope we can meet someday on the air to discuse experience form the  islands.  Greetings from Poland!   73 Andy SO5S ex SP5SS

Hello Ariel,  Nice photo's of your trip.  Glad you have had a good time as DX.  73s Roger GY3BO
Hi Ariel, NY4G  Thank you for nice QSO 20m CW/RTTY  We will try for other slots later or tomorrow.   Please CQ 14026 for JAs. I will spot you.    CUL de Kan, JJ2RCJ

You made 2 guys happy in Taylors tonight -- thanks for coming up.  Ken was on the wrong antenna when he tried to work you earlier.  Paul W4FC

Hi. Ariel.  From what I have heard and seen, you are doing a great job, and keep up the good work.  Appreciate the 30m QSO this PM....dunno if you plan any 10/12/17M work but those are my open sppots for FP.  That would complete my quest for FP 160 thru 10M.  Have you been at 10 at all, or is the band prop nix there?  Anxious to hear your comments and see photos... 73 de George W4BUW

I hope you have recovered from your voyages!!  Sounds like you have a great trip and lots of QSOs.  Thank you for your FP card!  Very nice and I am sending you a return card plus my FP card from our March QSO.  As you now know, FP is a very special place.  The people are very kind and the islands are beautiful.  I have had nine trips there and always am looking forward to my next trip.  Of course the WX can be a bit challenging in February/March!!  But the propagation made up for it.  Eric Williams KV1J

Ariel, I received you QSL from FP this week.  A new DXCC country for me!
Thank you, 73 an I hope to meet you soon.
Sebastian dl1axx

Thank you very much for your QSL I received yesterday, and a new Country work CW and QRP.
I've been looking on YouTube for our contact but nothing, and perhaps you could send me the link. It would be very helpful.   I hope other contacts from other exotic places wherever you are.
All the best.

Thomas EA8YV

Right now I found the link to the video of his DXexpedicion in your blog. Thank you very much for recording me. Really my little KX3 sounded great in thepileup hi hi 

Thanks again and 73's of EA8YV

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