Monday, March 28, 2016

QRP Challenge - PE4BAS Reaches 100 DXCC in 79 Days, W4KA in 69 Days

Latest News:

Dave W4KA just completed his Challenge on his day 69 and is the 7th finisher.  Dave's beam had a burnt balun and he had to make do with wire antennas.

Bas PE4BAS made a yeoman's effort at the CQ WPX SSB and managed to get 23 additional DXCC using SSB 5 watts on his FT817.  This is truly a remarkable effort.  At the end of the contest he was at 99 DXCC in 77 days.  He just got his 100th DXCC on 3/29 with his contact to San Marino T77C.    

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  1. Wow, you're posting faster then I can e-mail!!! 73, Bas