Monday, March 21, 2016

3C7A In the Log for DXCC #289

The 3C7A (aka 3C7GIA) is a solo effort by Ken LA7GIA.   I have not had the opportunity to find him working North America until the second to last day on 3/20/16.   I got home from church around 4 pm local time - 2000 UTC and sat there while he worked W6/W7 for about an hour and a half it seems.  He finally lifted the W6/W7 restriction started working NA again.  I was ready for him and knew his pattern from sitting there observing him answer station after station.  Within a few calls on 2218 UTC I was able to get in his log on 20m CW.  He did not work many North Americans and I consider myself to be fortunate in having worked him.   This is probably amongst the top 10 hardest one for me to work.  He is now QRT as of 1400 UTC on 3/21/16.

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