Thursday, December 8, 2016

Joining the 300 Club

#296 CY9C - St. Paul Island - confirmed LOTW
#297 VP6J - Pitcairn Island has now confirmed in LOTW
#298 TL8AO - Central African Republic confirmed  in LOTW
#299 H44GC - Solomon Islands - confirmed in LOTW
#300 T31T - Central Kiribati - confirmed in LOTW
#301 XZ1A - Myanmar - awaiting LOTW confirmation
#302 XX9TGM - have QSL Card in Hand
#303 5U7RK - Niger - awaiting card (no LOTW)

Looking forward to 2017

Bouvet and Baker and Howland are the big DXpeditions.   Besides that we have:

ZS1BCE (ZD9A, ZS8Z), David has signed a 17-month contract to be the
communications technician on Marion Island.  He will depart Cape Town
on December 20th and will return to South Africa in May 2018.  

ZC4 - U. K. Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus -
G0GSB, Steve, updates us on his trip to ZC4 early next year.  He'll
reactivate his ZC4SB call from the Akrotiri Area between January 11
and 25.  

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