Friday, December 16, 2016

QRP DX Marathon - They are harder and farther

As I accumulate DXCC, the QSO's are harder and they are also farther.   In the chart below, the Y axis is distance in miles.  The X Axis is time in days.  As of the last 25 QSO's they averaged over 6000 miles per QSO.   This is a smoothed through averaging - blue dots.   I plotted a least squares linear trend line.  The spikes in the 25 day moving average are influenced by long path QSOs.  The trending over time is clear - the contacts are getting further and further as shown by the dashed trend line.  We are now on day 350.   There were two periods of inactivity.  The latter one is shown during the summer months during which I was forced to take a hiatus from amateur radio to be a part time caregiver for my dad and help my mom.

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