Friday, September 22, 2017

Back in the Saddle - Lowband Update

It has been a while since I worked DX.  Mauritania 5T5OK is on the air running only 100W.   I was able to get them with just a few calls on 80m CW.    They were loud at my QTH this evening.  They were much louder than FP/M0BLF at the moment.   I need both for 160m but my 160m antenna is showing high SWR.  I need to inspect the matchbox/balun - I suspect there is water inside from Irma.  The 80m balun appears to be well behaved.

Well after the inspection, a tree limb took down the antenna.  After the repair, the antenna is back up and running again on top band

I was able to work FP/DH5FS on 80m but could not bust the pileup on FP/M0WUT.  Still waiting for FP to get back on top band.  They appear to be on coffee break.   5T5OK I can hear even when they only have 100W but they can't seem to hear my KW.

Finally got Michael FP/G7VJR on 160.  This brings the 160m total to 92.     Still working on 5T5OK.

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