Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New ATNO #306 Burundi 9U4M

I am not sure they have amplifiers yet because they are not that strong - esp. on 20m.  I did get lucky on 30m.    It took a few repeats for him to copy my signal.

This is from their website:

"Hallo everybody

So, despite any more difficulties we are on air. As the world of hams knows we arrived in Bujumbura with all the permissions and licences signed and approved but the local authorities of customs  stop all the equipments (antennas and radios) tho check one by one and this formal step take time, much time..hi

Anyway we made our best, believe us, put up  3 home made antennas, switch on 3 radios and startend already Monday Evening to made many qsos.

The latest news are quite good and we are very confident that all the equipments will be out from the custom deposit tomorrow,Wednesday in the late morning

Keep on touch ad listen listen,all the 9U4M waiting for you!!

Ciao de Antonio and Gab"

So apparently they have a makeshift operation until Wednesday when their amplifiers and antennas arrive.

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