Friday, January 13, 2012

Clean Sweep of K3Y Stations

Got the final station for the US Clean Sweep last night K3Y/3 K3NA.

W4CUX K3Y/4 1/13/12
W6KGP K3Y/7 1/12/12
KD5JHE K3Y/5 1/11/12
K1PUB K3Y/1 1/9/11
W9DLN K3Y/9 1/9/11
WI0S K3Y/0 1/8/11
W8TQE K3Y/8 1/7/11
W1DV K3Y/2 1/7/11
KO6R K3Y/6 1/7/11
V31JP K3Y/NA 1/7/11 Belize

Also worked 86 stations operating as K3Y/4. So if you need W4, look me up on the K3UK SKED page and I will be working 2 more nights as K3Y/4

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