Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun Week as K3Y/4

It has been a great week serving as K3Y/4 for the SKCC. Thanks to KL7GLL for uploading my logs. It has been a great experience helping people fill out their logs on the K3UK SKED page. It also helped me a lot filling out the bands with contacts. Propagation has not been as good as November and so I doubt I will fill the slot for K3Y/6 on 80m. Same goes for K3Y/KL7 and K3Y/KH6. All in all 100 QSO's as K3Y/4 and a clean sweep for all US K3Y stations.

One can check the leaderboards at and I am glad I made it. Best wishes to all who participated in the K3Y Anniversary event.

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